Friday, July 4, 2014

Oh, How I Wish...

It's a bit sad how our neighborhood, or let me say the whole country, lacks a pleasant place for kids to play in. Kung meron tayo neto I'm sure lahat ng bata dun na magdamag. Haha!

Playgrounds are one of the reasons we love going back to Singapore. They have one in every block. It's free, spacious and really fun. Packo didn't even want to leave the place even after we've been there too long. He can't get enough of climbing rocks, ropes and stairs and he always raised his hands as he slid. Ang saya lang!
Can you spot him? (:

I'm dreaming of one day every neighborhood, or block perhaps, will have a play ground as nice as these! And for free! I bet if we have one of these around, we'll spend as much of our free time there too.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy 2014!!!

I wish everybody a prosperous and happy 2014!! And I hope you had a great Christmas!!

I'm grateful for an incredible 2013 and it looks like 2014 going to be better than the last.

I also didn't realize my son turned 27 months on the 1st. How time flies so fast! Where have I been?

My son had been so "bibo" or active in English (I don't think there's an exact translation on bibo because it means being smart and active) lately.

He is officially talking now. He knows his letters already (most of the alphabet). He's constantly pointing letters when we're out and sometimes enumerates words that starts with that letter. He's so smart. I'm so proud how he's faring out.

Last 31st, we heard our evening mass and he was being loud so I had to bring him outside. He met other kids sitting at the pavement and he casually joined as if he was part of the group. (how extraverted!) The other kids were also friendly they were giving him high fives! It led to imitating what the older kid does and they were having so much fun. They asked how old my child is and when I said he's two, they said he's taller than his age and so bibo and cute. I can't help but smile and shout yeah that's my son! I didn't do the latter cause we're at church!

On our family's Christmas party, he performed a short Christmas action song "Oh What A Special Night" for the whole clan. We actually practiced 3 songs but decided to go for one. We only practiced it for a couple of days and I can't believe he fast he absorbed everything.  I think we have a budding dancer/performer right here.

I can go on and share more stories about Packo but we've little time here and I just really want to wish everybody a glorious new year.